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thinking of you

Source: Review copy from Sourcebooks
Rating: ★★★☆☆

“You know, I think it’s a pretty good job I’m here,” she told Ginny.  “Because, basically, you’re pretty hopeless.  You’ve been wrong about everyone so far.”

(from Thinking of You)

Thinking of You is another lighthearted British chick lit novel by Jill Mansell, whose books never fail to bring a smile to my face.  The heroine of Mansell’s latest U.S. release is Ginny Holland, a woman struggling with a newly empty nest and the fact that her daughter, Jem, is doing just fine without her at university.  After mistakenly thinking a roommate would liven up the house and supply her with a new best friend, Ginny takes a waitressing job, only to learn that the owner of the restaurant/antiques shop, the irresistibly handsome Finn, is the same man who nearly had her arrested for shoplifting.

While Ginny struggles to get back in the dating game, her ex-husband, Gavin, continues chasing 20-somethings in miniskirts; her daughter, Jem, learns that the freedom to make your own decisions often is accompanied by huge mistakes; her best friend, Carla, lets her down big time; and her roommate, Laurel, can’t move past a failed relationship.  As always, Mansell gives her secondary characters plenty of time in the spotlight, and they are always just as interesting as the main characters.

Thinking of You is a great escapist read.  I found myself cringing with every mistake and misunderstanding and laughing at every embarrassment.  I wasn’t fully convinced by the main love story, mostly because I don’t think it was as developed as it could have been, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the book.  Mansell is my go-to author for comfort reads that let me just go with the flow, and Thinking of You didn’t disappoint, even if it isn’t my favorite of her books.

I love how Mansell’s heroines are endearingly flawed women to whom I can relate in some way, and I love how she manages to balance weightier issues with humor so her books never feel too heavy.  In Thinking of You, she has created a sweet tale about the bonds between mothers and daughters and the power of female friendships.

Disclosure: I received Thinking of You from Sourcebooks for review.

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