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Source: The Girl’s personal library
The Girl’s Rating: ★★★★★

The Girl (age 11) recently finished The Loser List: Revenge of the Loser by H.N. Kowitt (sequel to The Loser List) and wanted me to ask her some questions for her review.  First, a little about the book:

My name, Danny Shine, is officially OFF the Loser List in the girls’ bathroom.  But now I have a new problem: this guy, Ty Randall.

Ty is basically perfect, and he’s ruining everything — including my reputation as the best artist in the school.  So I really have no choice.  I have to get REVENGE.  (publisher’s summary)

Me: Tell us a little about this book.

The Girl: This new guy, Ty, comes to school, and he grabs everyone’s attention, including Danny’s secret crush.  And it’s about a talent show to raise money to renovate a playground, and they run into a lot of problems.  Danny doesn’t like how Ty won the art contest instead of him, and now no one pays attention to Danny anymore.

Me: Did you like Revenge of the Loser better than the first book?

The Girl: I liked the first book a little better because the plot was more interesting.  But I’d still give this book 4 out of 5 stars.  I gave the first book 4.5 stars, though.

Me: How has the main character, Danny, changed since Book 1?

The Girl: He hasn’t really changed, but people are more interested in his drawings since the last book.

Me: What was your favorite scene in the book?

The Girl:  When Danny catches Ty horribly rapping about global warming in the locker room.  Ty doesn’t know he’s being watched.  It was really funny.

“Global warming u gotta prevent it
Let’s all write postcards to the Senate….”

This was the worst rap I’d ever heard! Being tone-deaf was bad enough. But now he was twitching with his thumbs turned out. I was staring so hard, I didn’t realize my backpack had slid down my arm. As I watched Ty strut, it dropped to the ground with a THUD! (pages 66-67)

Me: Do you think kids your age can relate to Danny, or is he a little over the top?

The Girl: I guess kids who like to draw and read comics could relate to him.  I do because I like to read and write comics.

Me: Do you hope there’s a Book 3?

The Girl: Yes, I’d read another one of these books.

Me: Any last thoughts?

The Girl: Yes.  This book made me laugh out loud during silent reading in class.

Me: Did you get in trouble?

The Girl: No. But other kids stared at me funny. 🙂

Disclosure: The Loser List: Revenge of the Loser is from The Girl’s personal library.

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