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On the first day of Halloween, my good friend gave to me:  a vulture in a dead tree.  Thus begins The 13 Days of Halloween, a book billed as “A Trick-or-Treat Sing-Along.”  And that’s just what The Girl did when we read this book together.

The Girl and I absolutely loved this book.  I knew she would, as her favorite Christmas song is “The 12 Days of Christmas.”  What really makes The 13 Days of Halloween special is the creativity of author Carol Greene — who writes of such creepy crawlies as “seven spiders creeping” and “five cooked worms” — and the brilliant illustrations by Tim Raglin. The Girl’s favorite part of the book is the 10th day of Halloween when “ten goblins gobbling” are introduced.  These goblins are the red-winged Halloween version of Cupid, complete with bow and arrow, and the The Girl burst out laughing and shouted, “Look!  They’re only wearing underwear!”

The 13 Days of Halloween was originally published in 1985, but I don’t remember ever reading it as a kid.  I’m grateful that Sourcebooks recently reissued the book.  The story itself is pretty short, but there are many more minutes of entertainment to be found in the illustrations.  After we finished the book, we started from the beginning, paying close attention to each illustration, finding something hilarious we’d missed the first time around.  If you have youngsters who would enjoy a cute Halloween story, with illustrations that make creepy things funny, I highly recommend The 13 Days of Halloween.

Disclosure:  We received a copy of The 13 Days of Halloween from Sourcebooks for review purposes.  I am an Amazon associate.

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