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Today I am so excited to welcome Pamela Lynne to Diary of an Eccentric for the first time to celebrate the release of her latest novel, Surrendering the Past. Please give her a warm welcome as she introduces the book and shares an excerpt with us:

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be here at Diary of an Eccentric today. Thank you, Anna, for hosting me. My new book, Surrendering the Past, released yesterday and it is the first book of The Granville Legacy Series. In the series, we explore family bonds and how they affect us for better or worse. I brought two guests with me today, Jane and Amy Dawson, and their sisterly devotion is one of my favorite things about this book. Below we see a conversation between the two that says so much about their relationship and their roles in their family. I know you will love them as much as I do!


Amy’s soft admonishment to rise and greet the day only made Jane retreat farther under the covers. The threat to tickle her until she cried, however, had the desired effect, and Jane begrudgingly sat up on the pillows.

“You are a mystery to me, dear sister. How can you be so cheerful after the horrors of last night?”

A gay laugh filled the room, and Jane could not help but smile. Amy could laugh through torture, which was exactly what the previous evening had been.

“If we allowed the discomfort of a night’s dinner party follow us into the next day, we could never hold our heads up. Besides, I know something you do not.”

Jane arched an eyebrow and tried not to smile. “Amy, have you been listening at doors again?”

Returning the gesture with more defensiveness than mischief, Amy replied, “I did overhear something, but it was not on purpose. Uncle and Father’s voices were so loud Mama could have heard them through her wine-induced stupor.”

“Were they arguing?”


Jane closed her eyes. “About me?”

“I am afraid so. Uncle Carrington is angry at Father for consenting to your engagement.”

“But it was my choice to accept the earl.”

“Yes, but our uncle feels it is too great a sacrifice.” Amy took Jane’s hand. “You do not love him.”

“People do not marry for love, Amy. There are other things to consider. Mama’s manner is vulgar and embarrassing, but her words are true. This marriage will bring good things for our family. We have nothing, Amy, only our charms. But, like Mama says, you and Meg stand a much better chance of marrying well with this connection.”

Amy sighed as she stood and walked to the dressing table. Picking up a brush, she returned to the bed and motioned for her sister to move forward. “It is ridiculous, is it not? As I am now, I am hardly worth noticing, but if a marriage to me might bring an invitation to an earl’s party, then I am suddenly quite attractive!”

Jane smiled as her sister unfastened her braid and began to untangle her blonde locks. She would miss this time with Amy dearly. “You are a wonder no matter whose party you attend. It will take an equally wonderful man to appreciate you. You will now be in more varying society and more likely to find that man. Two things will be required, though: Mama will have to be given a heavy dose of laudanum before she goes out, and you, dear sister, must not provoke handsome gentlemen into arguments.”

Amy blushed. “I do not know what you mean.”

Jane snorted and turned to face her sister. “Yes, you do.”

“I did not provoke anything. I will have you know that if I was, in any way, petulant toward a certain gentleman, it was his fault entirely. He is almost unbearably handsome, rich, intelligent, and showed signs of a keen wit. Of course, I had to be argumentative lest I began to feel ridiculously inferior. The truth of our vast difference in situation must never be acknowledged if I am to maintain any dignity at all.”

Jane’s eyebrow again rose and was joined with an impish half-grin. “I suppose he must have found some charm in your impertinence. He has given you a pet name, has he not? Something from Shakespeare?”

Amy gave Jane a look that let her know she was not fooled by her innocent tone.

“What was it, Caterina, Catherine? Yes, that is it. He called you Kate. You love Shakespeare, so that must have been quite a compliment.”

“You know very well he called me a shrew!”

Jane laughed. “I can tell by the look on your face that you were not at all offended. You know you deserved it.”

Amy fell back on the pillows. “Oh, Jane! I am a shrew. Between Mama and me, what must the earl’s family think of us?”

“I do not think you made a bad impression. Mr. Hale seemed to be amused by your conversation.”

“You mean he was laughing at me.”

“Perhaps a little.”

Amy rose and handed Jane the brush so she might finish her own hair. “All of this has distracted me and threatens to sour my mood. I had something to tell you, remember?”

“I am listening.”

“Father is taking Mother back to Surry after breakfast. They will remain there until the wedding.”

Jane’s eyes grew wide with hope. “Oh? But will you be staying?”

“I am. Uncle convinced Father it would be better for you if Aunt and I were the ones assisting you with preparations. I do not think he has told Mama yet. The house is too quiet.”

“Oh, thank God. I am probably a terrible daughter to be saying so, but I am so happy she is leaving. I simply cannot bear her with any good humor the way I used to.”

“We are terrible together then, for I have never been able to bear her. Oh, Jane! What am I to do without you?”

“Amy, would you consider coming with me? After I am married, I mean. Will you come live with me?”

“Are you certain? Would you not wish to establish yourself as a wife first?”

“No, it will be easier for me if you are there.”

“Very well. If Father allows it, I will come.”

Jane sighed with relief. “Thank you. I will discuss it with Lord Litchfield this morning. Oh, I feel so much better now. Perhaps Meg can come in a few years, as well.”

“It would be good for her to spend time out of Surry and away from Mama. Our mother just cannot understand Meg’s gentle but inquisitive nature. She needs more varying society so her great gifts might grow.”

“You see; that is precisely what I want for both of you. Mama will calm once she knows our situations are secure, and Papa will not have to worry over money as much once I am gone. This marriage will bring about good things for our family, I am sure of it.”


Unfortunately, the road to happily ever after will not be as smooth as Jane hopes. Surrendering the Past is available at Amazon and will be up at other vendors next week. Thank you all for visiting and thanks again, Anna, for hosting. Don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win one of three prizes! Happy reading, everyone!


Thank YOU, Pamela, for being my guest today and for offering such a generous giveaway! Congratulations on the new release, and please come back again soon!


About Surrendering the Past

In a world of honor and obligation, falling in love can be a dangerous game. Captain Richard Granville has returned to London after serving the Crown in perilous missions fighting Napoleon’s army. Bone weary and distrustful of all around him, the captivating Jane Dawson awakens his long dormant desire for more than a solitary existence. When he learns she is betrothed to his father, the conniving and dangerous Earl of Litchfield, shadows of the past descend upon Richard, bringing along memories of a tortuous childhood and his failure to protect the person he had loved most.

Jane Dawson would pay any price to renew her family’s happiness, but is the cost of marrying Lord Litchfield too high? A woman of virtue and honor, she cannot break a promise once given, especially when doing so would ruin those she seeks to protect. But can she ignore the connection she feels to the wild soldier who understands both her duty and her heart?

Follow the men of the Granville family in this suspenseful Regency romance series as they discover that their family legacy is much darker than they realized, and that the future holds treasures they can only grasp by surrendering the past.

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