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My Rotten Life (Nathan Abercrombie, Accidental Zombie: Book 1) by David Lubar
Reviewed by The Girl (age 10)

In My Rotten Life, Nathan Abercrombie and Mookie are best friends.  They meet a girl named Abigail, whose uncle wants to test the Hurt-Be-Gone potion.  Nathan has been having hard times.  He’s bullied in school, his crush makes fun of him in front of everyone in the lunchroom, and he’s bad at video games.  So Abigail says they should test the potion on him.  Mookie trips in the lab, and the potion spills on Nathan.

Then weird things start to happen to Nathan.  He can’t eat, he can’t feel pain, he stays up all night, and gross things start to happen to his body.  Nathan wants to go back to normal, but Abigail’s uncle is running from the police, so he and his friends have to figure it out on their own.

My Rotten Life was a good book.  It took me 4 days to read it, and I was so sad when it was over.  It’s funny, and the gross parts are hilarious.  My favorite character was Mookie because all he did was think about eating.  I liked Abigail, too, because she likes science like me.  Nathan wasn’t my favorite character, but his troubles added suspense to the story.  I recommend this book to everyone!  If you read it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Disclosure: My mom bought My Rotten Life for me. She is an IndieBound affiliate and an Amazon associate.

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