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In Spaceheadz, or as they say in the book, SPHDZ, Michael K., a fifth grader new to the school and worried about fitting in, is followed by two weird kids named Jennifer and Bob.  They say they are SPHDZ from another planet, and the class hamster is their leader.  They want Michael K. to become a SPHDZ and help them get 3.14 million people to become SPHDZ so that Earth doesn’t get turned off.

I thought Spaceheadz was hilarious, especially how the SPHDZ say things from commercials.

Standing in the cleaning-products aisle, Michael K. realized that he was in deep trouble.  This morning he had only been worried about fitting in at his new school.  Now he was worried that three Spaceheadz were going to use him to take over the world.  With paper towels and detergent.

“Yes!” Bob called.  “Charmin!  We must also use this.  It is ultrastrong!  And it also makes bears very happy.”

Michael K. took the Charmin from Bob.  “What?  No.  This is toilet paper!  What are you talking about?”

“It makes bears happy,” said Bob.  “We will use it to make Earth persons happy and want to be Spaceheadz.”  (pages 74-75 in the ARC)

My favorite character was Jennifer because she would pick up pencils and eat them.  My favorite chapter was the one where Major Fluffy, the hamster, talks because he can’t really talk.  I would give this book 5 stars and recommend it to anyone who wants to laugh.  I just took Book #2 out of the library.

Disclosure: We received a copy of Spaceheadz (SPHDZ Book #1) from Simon & Schuster for review purposes. My mom is an IndieBound affiliate and an Amazon associate.

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