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I’ve loved every book I’ve read so far by Maria Grace, and her latest Pride and Prejudice variation, Fine Eyes & Pert Opinions, was no exception. In her latest novel, Grace imagines Elizabeth Bennet as the daughter of a vicar who lives only a mile or so away from Pemberley. She’s basically grown up with Mr. Darcy and is a close friend to him and his sister, so it’s no surprise that he turns to her for advice whenever a problem (usually with Georgiana) crops up. However, her parents have made sure she knows the importance of not aspiring above her social station.

Things grow complicated when Elizabeth encourages Mr. Darcy to hold a house party at Pemberley, where Georgiana can practice for her coming out by acting as hostess and learning how to act in polite society. Chaos erupts with the arrival of their guests, Mr. and Miss Bingley, Colonel Fitzwilliam, Anne de Bourgh, and Grace’s original characters: Sir Alexander Garland and his sister, Miss Blanche Garland. It’s not long before the novel seems to mirror Mansfield Park, with Darcy and Elizabeth as a sort of Edmund Bertram and Fanny Price and the Garlands as Henry and Mary Crawford — complete with a theatrical production.

Grace had me on the edge of my seat, as I had no idea where the plot was going and I couldn’t fathom how a happily ever after could occur. The Garlands were both overwhelming with their strong personalities and willingness to throw convention to the wind, and it was even difficult to like Darcy and Elizabeth at times. However, I think that is what made the novel interesting and hard to put down. I just had to go with the flow and accept the different circumstances in which Darcy and Elizabeth found themselves. And I wasn’t at all disappointed with the outcome.

Fine Eyes & Pert Opinions is not your typical Pride and Prejudice variation, but a breath of fresh air in its departure from canon and the risks Grace took with Austen’s beloved couple. If you’re looking for something unique and exciting, a little shocking at times, with strong (especially the original) characters, and a different take on Darcy and Elizabeth, then you’ll definitely want to give this one a try.


About Fine Eyes & Pert Opinions

Darcy is at his wits end.

As guardian to his younger sister, he wants her to become a properly accomplished woman–she is coming out soon, after all. But Georgiana steadfastly refuses despite the encouragement of Elizabeth Bennet, long time Darcy family friend. Darcy invites a few guests to Pemberley in the hopes of encouraging Georgiana’s improvement with a taste of society.

Unexpected additions to the party prove dangerously distracting, leaving the Darcy family on the brink of disaster. Elizabeth holds the key to their restoration, but she has fled Pemberley, unable to tolerate another day in the Darcys’ company.

Will Darcy relinquish his pride and prejudice to seek out a woman below his notice before his family is irreparably ruined?

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