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Source: Public library
The Girl’s Rating: ★★★☆☆

A review by The Girl (age 11)

Rapunzel’s Revenge is a graphic novel about a girl named Rapunzel with really long hair who lives with a lady named Gothel.  Rapunzel thought Gothel was her mother, until one day she gets over the wall and finds her real mom but is ripped away.  During the story, Rapunzel meets up with a man named Jack, and they work together to stop Gothel’s evil plan.

I really liked the illustrations in Rapunzel’s Revenge because they were so detailed you felt like you were in the story.  Even if you were reading a part that’s just talking or a part filled with action, it was always interesting, and you always want to know what happens next.

I thought it was interesting that this version of Rapunzel was set in the Wild West, but the one part I thought was kind of cheesy was when Rapunzel first got over the wall and almost right away found her mother.  Overall, this was one of my favorite graphic novels.

Disclosure: The Girl borrowed Rapunzel’s Revenge from the public library.

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