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Day 2 of three days catching up with Christmas reviews. Today’s book is Christmas with Miss Austen, a novella by Laura Briggs set in the present that follows Julia Allen, a waitress and painter who portrays Jane Austen during a historical open house. Julia manages to fall asleep while in character, reading a first edition of Northanger Abbey that was borrowed from a friend, and as she rushes home in the dark, she bumps into a mysterious man in the park and manages to lose the book.

It’s no surprise that when she learns the book is missing she panics, wondering how she will be able to cough up thousands of dollars to replace her friend’s beloved, rare edition. Meanwhile, local professor and book historian Elliot Weston tries to locate the mysterious Regency figure in order to return the lost book. He knows its worth and its importance to its owner. And he also was entranced by the woman in the park, wondering if she was real.

Briggs manages to create the perfect atmosphere in the park for a mysterious encounter, and as Julia and Elliot are brought together in search of a book and its rightful owner, they find a connection, as both are drawn to a mix of the historical and the contemporary in their respective fields. Their banter is sweet, but of course, they are hiding things from each other given what is at stake, and that makes for some interesting misunderstandings.

It was hard to imagine that someone would be so careless with such a rare book, and with so many coincidences, it was hard to believe that it took so long for Julia and Elliot to figure it all out. But overall, Christmas with Miss Austen was a fun book, and I would definitely read something by this author again.

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