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Dear readers, do I have a treat for you! It’s my pleasure to welcome Darcy and Elizabeth from Jennifer Joy’s latest release, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Traitor, to the blog. Jennifer has brought our dear couple here today, so I’ll turn it over to her. Please give my guests a warm welcome (and stay tuned for a giveaway)!

An Interview with Darcy and Elizabeth

When I write, I see a movie in my head. My kids teased me at the stack of blankets and sweaters I’d accumulated in my writing cave in the heat of summer when I wrote Fitzwilliam Darcy, Traitor. My story was set in late November/early December, and there was snow. I was cold.

The characters, too, become as real as the weather. In my mind, they’re Hollywood actors. And what do actors do when they release a new movie? They do interviews!

Do you want a sneak peek behind the scenes? A one-on-one with the lead actors? A glimpse into the making of their story? Then, I invite you to read on!

Hey guys! Your latest adventure just released this week. How does it feel to have starred in another story?

(Elizabeth looks over at Darcy, pinching her lips together, her body shaking with her effort not to burst into laughter.)

(Darcy openly glares at me. I know I’m in for it. This has been a long time coming.)

Darcy: Did you have to beat me up in every scene? I felt like Clint Eastwood.

Elizabeth: Don’t be so dramatic, Darcy.

Darcy: I’m an actor. It’s my job to be dramatic.

And it’s my job to give you conflict. Without conflict, there’s no story. Besides, no actors were hurt in the making of this book.

Elizabeth: The bruises were only make-up.

Darcy: I didn’t need make-up by the end of this story with all of the bumps and bruises covering my body!

(I get another smoldering glare.)

You could’ve used a stunt double.

Darcy: I do all of my own stunts. You know that.

I admire your dedication. You did amazing, and I have to admit that watching you perform all of these heroic acts was thrilling to see.

Elizabeth: I swooned. Many times.

Darcy: I won’t be appeased by flattery. I’m not a piñata.

Elizabeth: No, but you are a great kisser. (She shivers and grins.)

The first kiss was my favorite to write. What were your favorite scenes?

Elizabeth: The bathtub scene! Hands down.

(Darcy rolls his eyes.)

What did you like so much about that scene?

Elizabeth: I got an insight into Darcy’s soul, and I realized what an amazing man he truly is.

(Darcy tries not to smile. It’s growing increasingly difficult for him to stay grumpy.)

What about you, Darcy? What was your favorite scene?

Darcy: Several, really. I enjoyed the whole sequence when we were trapped in the abandoned cottage during the snowstorm. It gave us the chance to talk and clear our misunderstandings early on.

Is that when you fell in love with Elizabeth?

(He blushes and reaches over to hold Elizabeth’s hand.)

Darcy: I knew there was something special about her the moment we met, but yeah. I would say that the cottage was where it really started for me. (Looks over at Elizabeth.) What about you?

Elizabeth: I was so confused, I didn’t know what to think of you. In hindsight, I think I started to notice you differently at the highway robbery scene. My heart went out to you then, but it wasn’t until after I sprung you from jail and we were stuck together in London that I really came to know you. Right around the bathtub scene. That was when I knew.

No wonder you two have starred in so many stories together. You’re a lovely couple. So, readers want to know, what’s next?

Darcy: Well, that really depends on you, doesn’t it? But if you’re open to suggestions, I would love something calmer. Like You’ve Got Mail or While You Were Sleeping (Jack, not Peter) or The Proposal.

Elizabeth: I love it that you know those movies.

You want a romantic comedy? I’ll see what I can do! Thank you so much for chatting with me today!

Elizabeth: It’s always fun. I feel I need to warn you, though. I swung by Lady Cat’s and she’s miffed that she only got two mentions in this story — and one of them was an insult from her sister-in-law.

Darcy: You might want to send a fruit basket or something.

Thanks for the tip. I appreciate it. See you soon!

Darcy and Elizabeth: We certainly hope so!


Thank you, Jennifer, for such a delightful interview, and a big thanks to Darcy and Elizabeth for taking time out of their busy schedule to discuss their latest adventure. I would love to see them in a romantic comedy next! 🙂


About Fitzwilliam Darcy, Traitor

Hero or villain? Gentleman or traitor?

What if your life depended on discerning one man’s character?

He wants to honor his family legacy.

Fitzwilliam Darcy takes his responsibilities seriously. He excels in every endeavor he pursues and upholds the highest standards … and he has little patience for those who flaunt their flaws like the Bennets do.

She wants to fall in love with a hero.

Elizabeth Bennet longs for the toe-curling romance she reads about in novels. She dreams of an honorable man — loyal and generous to the less fortunate … everything Mr. Darcy is not.

Now, he’s England’s most wanted criminal … and she’s stuck with him.

Besieged by highwaymen and left for dead in a snowstorm, Mr. Darcy seeks help only to get arrested for treason. A split second decision forever attaches Elizabeth to his side, and together, they’re on the run.

When adversity reveals their true character, will Elizabeth regret her decision? Or will she find her hero in Mr. Darcy? Can such a rigid, proper man return the passion she craves?

Fitzwilliam Darcy, Traitor is a sweet and clean romantic suspense variation of Jane Austen’s timeless classic, Pride and Prejudice.

If you like swoon-worthy romance and pulse-pounding action, then you’ll love this book!

Buy on Amazon



Jennifer is generously offering 4 ebook copies of Fitzwilliam Darcy, Traitor to my readers. To enter, please leave a comment with your email address. This giveaway will be open through Saturday, October 27, 2018. The winners will be chosen randomly and announced in the comments section of this post. Good luck!

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To celebrate the release of Anngela Schroeder’s latest novel, The Goodness of Men, I am overjoyed to have Miss Elizabeth Bennet as my guest today. Before we begin our discussion, let me introduce you to the book:

“This will not do,” said Elizabeth. “You never will be able to make both of them good…Take your choice, but you must be satisfied with only one. There is but such a quantity of merit between them; just enough to make one good sort of man…” –Pride and Prejudice 

From her youngest days, Elizabeth Bennet’s ability to accurately judge the character of others has been recognized and noted by those around her in such a consistent manner as to lead her to believe it herself. The misfortune of meeting Mr. Darcy, a wealthy landowner from the north, only solidifies this belief.
The memory of his disapproval of her family, proves his character is lacking and sadly unlike his childhood friend’s, the charming and affable Mr. Wickham, who is esteemed by all he meets. Although her opinion once lost is not lost forever, the effort to regain her favor is great.

With Elizabeth’s youngest sister fortunate to be in company with Mr. Wickham in Brighton since the spring, and her own travels to Kent cancelled, she must await the pleasures of a summer holiday to the North with her aunt and uncle Gardiner. However, it is there that she is once again thrust into Mr. Darcy’s presence and must determine if he is truly the architect of the many wrongs she has laid at his door.


Fitzwilliam Darcy cannot exorcise Elizabeth Bennet from his thoughts. A chance meeting at the estate of his friend reignites all the flames he has attempted to suppress since their last meeting. Believing in her partiality, he is stunned to overhear her true estimation of him and is determined to change her opinion.
Battling with memories and secrets from his past, Darcy must fight against his natural reserve to win the heart of the woman he loves.

Will the unexpected appearance of a stranger encourage Elizabeth’s change of heart? Might an episode from Mr. Darcy’s past force Elizabeth to see the man within? Can one man have all the goodness and the other only the appearance of it?

Join us for another sweet Pride and Prejudice reimagining, suitable for ages teen and up.

Please give a warm welcome to Miss Elizabeth Bennet. Miss Elizabeth, thank you for joining us today.

Thank you for welcoming me to your blog.

Do you believe in your ability to judge people’s character?

I feel that everyone has the ability to be observant, some more so than others.

And would you say you are one of those people?

I believe that I am a normal woman. True, I love to read, and have conversations beyond ball gowns and lace, much to my mother’s dismay, but I am certain there are many women who do so as well.

Do you feel your likes are an impediment to your hope to find a husband?

No. I feel they are an impediment to my mother’s hope of my finding a husband. (She laughs softly). I believe there is a man who will love me for all my likes and dislikes, and I for his. I am just uncertain where he exists at present.

Do you believe you have met him yet?

The man I am to marry?


Well, I presume it is possible, but highly unlikely.

Why do you feel that way?

Because, I will know when I meet him.

Very well, in a different vein, what caused you to be such a supporter of Mr. Wickham and not Darcy?

Mr. Wickham’s countenance was one of ease and acceptance. He was charming and sociable. Mr. Darcy, who was raised as a gentleman, met none of those qualifications.

Tell us about the compromising position your aunt found you in.

I wonder how you heard about that! It was not truly a compromising position. Mr. Darcy caught me by surprise and I him. I was not expecting him to be there. Nothing untoward happened. It may have appeared that way, but the highest level of propriety was maintained at all times.

If that be the case, why are you blushing? Is the memory of Mr. Darcy in that state disconcerting?

I thank you, but I am not blushing. The room is merely warm.

What were you feeling at that moment?

I was flustered, to be sure, but maintained the proper level of behavior. I am a gentleman’s daughter, after all.

Do you believe you could ever forgive Mr. Darcy for the interference with your sister Jane and Mr. Bingley?

I would like to hear his opinion on the matter first before I make any decisions. I believe in being less prejudiced against others than they might be of me.

Describe Chenowith. Do you believe it is an estate you could be mistress of?

I could be the mistress of a great many places if I loved my husband and he me. Chenowith is a beautiful estate. There are a number of lovely walks, and some ruins as well. It is quite peaceful and has a simple quality about it which appeals to my sense of home.

Do you imagine Pemberley is much like Chenowith?

I am uncertain, but doubt it. As you know, I am familiar with the owner of both estates and believe one’s home is a reflection upon oneself. Mr. Darcy and Mr. Turner are very different men.

Our time is growing short. Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?

Yes. I’d like the readers to know that a person’s depth cannot be judged by their wealth and holdings. A man’s goodness is not relevant to his status in society. I believe if others realized this, we would all be in changed places entirely.

Those are definitely words to live by. Thank you for being my guest today, Miss Elizabeth. I hope my readers will join you on your journey in The Goodness of Men.



Anngela is generously offering a giveaway of The Goodness of Men: two Kindle copies (international) and a signed hard copy (U.S. addresses only). Enter here. You must enter through the Rafflecopter link. Good luck!

Check out The Goodness of Men on Goodreads and Amazon.

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hope for mr. darcyANNA: I’m thrilled to be able to introduce one of the upcoming stars! I promise you that you will see more of her in the future! She made her debut in Hope for Mr. Darcy, the first book in the Hope Series Trilogy by Jeanna Ellsworth. It was just published about five weeks ago. You will fall in love with this sweet and lovely girl. Please welcome, Avelina Gardiner!

AVELINA: Thank you so much for hosting me, Ms. Horner. It is tru…truly an honor.

ANNA: You may call me Anna. You must be nervous. Is this your first interview?

AVELINA: Yes, Anna. I am only fourteen, but I will be fifteen this summer! My father said he is planning a day trip to the other side of London to visit the butterfly garden.

ANNA: Oh! I know you of all people would love that! You may never leave! Mr. Gardiner is your father, correct? And you are Miss Elizabeth Bennet’s, or the soon to be Mrs. Elizabeth Darcy’s, niece.

AVELINA: Yes ma’am. Lizzibell, as only her father and I call her, is like a sister to me. She never asks me to go inside before I am ready. And she lets me tell her all about the butterflies I catch and then draw.

IMG_2173ANNA: I understand that drawing, being outdoors, and wildlife, especially insects, are your passions in life. Most young ladies your age would be swooning over officers and the latest fashion plates. But not you, why? Oh dear, did I embarrass you? Well, I certainly do not intend to make you more nervous. How about we share what Miss Elizabeth herself has said about you in Hope for Mr. Darcy.

AVELINA: Oh please do not! I fear it might make me sound peculiar or abnormal.

ANNA: Oh no, in fact, if you are pressing me to come up with adjectives, I would say it makes you sound intriguing, lovely and distinctive — a rare find in the characters of young girls these days.


Elizabeth looked on as her oldest cousin, Avelina, was examining intently the specimen in front of her. She was getting very mature. She still had a young woman’s slim hips and petite shoulders, but her tiny waist hinted at her maturity. Many other fourteen-year-olds did not look quite so feminine. Elizabeth knew Avelina’s height made people assume she was older than she was. But despite her feminine form, her interests were far from ribbons and lace. Asking her to choose between shopping for a new bonnet and polishing her new rock left one feeling foolish for asking—for Avelina would always choose the rock.

She had a thirst for nature like Elizabeth, which endeared her to Elizabeth even more, for her young cousin was always willing to go on long walks. But while Elizabeth simply enjoyed her surroundings and the fresh air and sunshine, Avelina was quite a talented naturalist, diligently studying each rock and insect along the path and illustrating her finds in chalk and pencils.


ANNA: See dearest? It is not so dishonest, is it? May I lift that chin of yours? Truly, you must be very tenderhearted. Yes, I have an excerpt for that too. Sit tight while we share it.


But above all, Avelina was tenderhearted and kind. If Elizabeth were to compare her young cousin to anyone else in the family, she would say that Avelina was very much like her sister Jane, so the young girl held a special place in Elizabeth’s heart.


AVELINA: I do try to be. I am quite good at making a female blunderbus of myself sometimes. May I share a part of Hope for Mr. Darcy?

ANNA: By all means!

AVELINA: Well, this is a section that the widowed Charlotte Collins shared once. She was just beginning to…well, she was in the family way and it was no longer something that she could hide.


Attempting to change the topic to something less strained—as the last few hours had been filled with nothing but strain—Charlotte stood and turned her profile to the side and placed her hand on her lower abdomen. “What do you think, Avelina, do I look like I am in the family way yet?”

Avelina blushed. “I do not know the proper response to that question,” she hesitated. “I do not wish to say the wrong thing. You have a fine figure, Mrs. Collins. The swelling is most becoming.”

They all laughed briefly, and Charlotte sighed. She could never have done this without these ladies.


ANNA: Oh yes, I remember laughing at that section. From what I have heard, you have made quite the impression on several readers. Not many minor characters get a mention in the reviews. It must be quite the shocker.

IMG_2176AVELINA: It may not be obvious, because I prefer rocks and insects, but I do love a good fairy tale and happily ever after. I loved to sit with her sister Jane and her and hear the story of the two wealthy friends and the fair and witty sisters. In Hope for Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth got so very ill, and had a special dream while she was ill. This section I will share with you is when Elizabeth had barely had enough strength to travel to London to recover with my family. She still had come to an understanding of her dream and she was missing Mr. Darcy very badly, although she did not admit it to anyone.


Avelina was bent over looking into her glass jar, studying her new specimen intently. Elizabeth came up and placed a hand on her shoulder and said, “So, what kind is it?”

“It is a Painted Lady butterfly, a form of Nymphadilae. A male. You can tell from the markings.”

“He looks like the one you already have,” Jane said.

Avelina looked up and smiled. “He is! Now I have a male and a female. I have found a prince for my princess!”

Elizabeth and Jane took turns asking questions of the very knowledgeable Avelina while Edward tried to calm his two younger brothers. “Can they mate?” Elizabeth asked.

“Absolutely. That is what makes it so exciting! It is so romantic! Just think of it, Elizabeth, after turning down all the other ladies who tried to claim his notice, he has finally found his companion! Can you imagine how ardently he must love and admire her?”

Elizabeth was shocked by Avelina’s wording. “Pardon me, I am fatigued,” she stammered. She quickly turned and went inside. But distancing herself from her innocent cousin’s words did not make them echo in her heart any less.


ANNA: Their story is a beautiful one. And you truly were a source of strength and hope for her when Elizabeth did not have “Hope for Mr. Darcy” to return and renew his addresses. I cannot say more or I might give away spoilers. If I understand it correctly, you make short debuts in Hope for Fitzwilliam and Hope for Georgiana! Is there any chance we can get a sneak peek into Hope for Fitzwilliam?

AVELINA: I was hoping you would say that. I actually brought one with me. It makes me laugh. This takes place after the Darcy’s wedding, a few weeks before Colonel Fitzwilliam — who is in love with the widowed Charlotte Collins — must go to war. This is from Georgiana’s perspective. Colonel Fitzwilliam is such a lady’s man! His flirting is atrocious though, but the look he gives Charlotte Collins should be bottled and sold! I hope to capture it one day in a drawing. Well, I hope you enjoy this excerpt from Hope for Fitzwilliam, the second book in the Hope Series Trilogy, which will be published August 1st!


Richard could be so obnoxious! Georgiana came and pulled Richard away from Avelina. “Ignore my cousin, Avelina,” she instructed. “Do not let him see your pink cheeks, for it only adds fuel to the flame. The man has no scruples when it comes to winning a lady’s affection. He cares not who or how many; the goal is simply to capture and conquer. And I have seen many ladies fall victim. But have no fear; I will let you in on a secret that will assist any lady to resist his unwelcomed advances.” She sent a sly look to her cousin.

“Is that so? And what secret could possibly have such an effect?” the colonel countered.

Georgiana tried not to giggle as she said, “Dear Richard, if you understood the basic definition of a secret, then you would know better than to ask. There is no getting it out of me. You think your charms, generous smiles, and flirtations will work on anyone; but I happen to know they do not.” Richard seemed to flinch slightly at her comment, but she couldn’t back down from her threat now. “Sorry, Cousin. We may share a bloodline, but my loyalty lies with Miss Gardiner.”

When he seemed to have recovered from the verbal spar, Richard made an exaggerated grimace. “What? Are all such family loyalties so easily broken? Dear Georgiana! You wound me!” Then turning to Charlotte and looking intently at her, he added, “No matter. I shall prevail. If I want the attention of a beautiful lady, Mrs. Collins, I can get it, with or without my nearly-seventeen-year-old cousin’s help.” Richard then bowed deeply to Charlotte. “Now, if you ladies will excuse me, I feel the need to explore my masculine side before our shopping spree tomorrow.” He turned back to the Gardiners and said, “I do hope you plan to stay for dinner.”

Mrs. Gardiner giggled, “We would be delighted, thank you. My husband will arrive in an hour, and I have no doubt that he will be most eager to join you with your quest for male-validating activities.”

“Splendid! You may tell Mr. Gardiner that I await him in Darcy’s study. I will begin my mission there, by partaking of a very manly brandy.” Richard looked once more at Charlotte, and then he paraded out with a flirtatious flip of his coattails.

As soon as he left the room, the ladies burst into giggles. Avelina spoke first: “It is just the same with butterflies, you know. Are you aware that a male butterfly has more colorful markings than a female?”

Georgiana laughed. “Really?”

“Oh yes,” Avelina assured her, feigning a serious tone. “The male butterfly’s coloring is so vivid that the female is nearly drugged with the sight of him.”

She stifled another giggle before continuing, “But of course, male butterflies do have one advantage over the gentlemen of our species: they possess no verbal form of communication. Fortunately, most gentlemen know that they should keep their mouths shut if they wish to receive the attention of a female.”

Georgiana laughed and said, “Why, Avelina! I did not even need to tell you my secret!”


ANNA: Oh dear! You made me laugh so hard I have tears in my eyes! You are very insightful! I thought you said Colonel Fitzwilliam was a lady’s man! He did not do a very good job of being charming! In fact…

AVELINA: Yes, he did not know that being himself is the only way to make Charlotte trust him. He will try everything to earn the love that he thinks he will never have. That is what the Hope Series is about. If you are passionate about something or someone, yet it is unrequited, often it feels hopeless and shatters your reserve.

ANNA: Yes, a truer statement could not be said, and yet, ladies and gentlemen, we have heard it from a fourteen year old, whose wisdom far exceeds people twice her age. Unfortunately that is all the time we have time for today. Miss Avelina, it was a pleasure to make your acquaintance, and I thank you for being my guest today!

JeannaLake (5 of 6)GIVEAWAY

Jeanna Ellsworth is kindly giving away a copy of Hope for Mr. Darcy to one of my readers. The winner will have the choice of a Kindle ebook (open internationally) or a paperback (U.S. only). Please leave a comment with your email address, your book preference, and why my interview with Avelina has made you want to read Hope for Mr. Darcy. This giveaway will close on Sunday, June 12. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced in the comments section of this post.

Jeanna also would love to interview a reader regarding their love of Austen/JAFF/reading or answer questions about her and her writing on her blog, www.heyladypublications.com, or on www.AustenAuthors.net. If you are interested, please leave a comment or send her a message on Facebook (Jeanna Ellsworth Lake).

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