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The guilt she wore like a heavy shawl sometimes threatened to overwhelm her. With a small sniff, to keep the tears at bay, she shook her head and struggled to stand, waving off Mary’s helping hand. The past was the past. What was done could not be undone and she’d have all her empty life to reflect on it.

(from Catherine)

Sue Barr’s Catherine is the second book in her Pride and Prejudice Continued series. I really enjoyed the first installment, Caroline (my review), which focuses on Caroline Bingley after she learns that she has lost her chance with Mr. Darcy forever. Catherine picks up after the first book and follows Kitty Bennet and Lord George Kerr as they struggle to hide their respective secrets following the weddings of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, and Mr. Bingley and Jane Bennet.

Lord George has a reputation as a result of his work for King and Country, but despite being brother to a duke, he has little patience for the ton and is immediately captivated by Catherine Bennet when he meets her at Pemberley. Meanwhile, Catherine is attracted to Lord George but knows that little could happen there. Not only does she know her place in society as a mere gentleman’s daughter, but she also harbors a terrible secret — one known only by her father, and one that will surely jeopardize her future happiness. When Lord George’s suspicions about a possible traitor to the crown causes his path to cross with Catherine’s in very dramatic fashion, the two forge a friendship that could be so much more if their secrets didn’t stand in their way.

I love reading stories about the secondary characters in Pride and Prejudice, so it’s no surprise that Barr’s series has quickly become one of my favorites. I enjoyed getting to know Kitty better as she blossomed into Catherine, and with only Mary left at Longbourn for companionship, I loved the relationship that developed between the sisters — both of whom were underestimated while living in the shadows of Elizabeth, Jane, and Lydia.

Meanwhile, Lord George is totally swoonworthy, and I loved that the book also is told from his point of view. Barr does a great job balancing a budding romance fraught with secrets and misunderstandings with a story of scandal and intrigue that adds a lot of depth to the characters. I’ve been distracted in my reading lately, and Catherine was just the thing to grab my attention. I had a hard time putting it down so I could get some much needed rest, and when I finished, I was tempted to immediately start reading it again. I can’t wait for the next book in the series, which will be about Georgiana Darcy — but I do hope Mary’s story is in the works!


About Catherine

Some secrets are not meant to be shared

Catherine Bennet, known as Kitty to close friends and family, knows this better than anyone. She also knows that she will never marry and it never bothered her before she met Lord George Kerr at Elizabeth and Darcy’s wedding. He’s determined to breach the walls of defense she’d carefully constructed around her heart, and she’s just as determined to stay the course.

Some secrets cannot be shared

Lord George Kerr knows this better than anyone. For five years, as a spy for His Majesty the King, he played the part of a Rake, concealing his espionage activities beneath a blanket of brothels, drink and loose women. Even though he’s forced to resume his regular life within London’s finest society, he still must keep some things hidden. One thing he does not hide is his attraction to Miss Catherine Bennet of Longbourn. Enraptured by her beauty and warmth of character, he plunges headlong into winning her heart, only to find it carefully guarded and she’s unwilling to give him even a small pinch of hope.

Some things are beyond your control

When circumstances bring Kitty’s secret into the open, she fears the tenuous bonds of friendship she’s forged with Lord George will be lost forever along with whatever love he proclaims to have for her. With the very lives of England’s vast network of spies working undercover in Bonaparte’s France hanging in the balance, she’s forced to face her worst nightmare.

Her secret is laid bare, can he love her enough to overcome what he learns?

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About the Author

Sue Barr

Sue Barr resides in beautiful Southwestern Ontario with her retired Air Force hubby, two sons and their families. She’s also an indentured servant to three cats and has been known to rescue a kitten or two, or three…in an attempt to keep her ‘cat-lady-in-training’ status current. Although, she has deviated from appointed path and rescued a few dogs as well.

Sue is a member of Romance Writers of America and their affiliate chapter, Love, Hope and Faith as well as American Christian Fiction Writers.

For more information about her other books, visit her website.

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Disclosure: I received Catherine from the author for review.

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