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Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis
Reviewed by The Girl (age 10)

The train and my new pretend brother got farther and farther away, chugging to Chicago.  Man, I’d found some family and he was gone before we could really get to know each other.

There were six or seven other people who didn’t make the train, so we all walked back toward Hooverville.  They must’ve lit the big fire again, the sky in that direction was glowing orange.

The cop that first threw down his billy club walked over to us and said, “He wasn’t lying about the Flint police coming, but they’re coming to bust up the shantytown, you all should get out of here.”  (page 85)

Bud, Not Buddy takes place during the Great Depression.  A kid named Bud lives at a home, and he is transferred to the Anderson’s house.  Mr. and Mrs. Anderson’s son is cruel.  When Bud’s asleep, he sticks a “Ticonderoga” pencil up his nose all the way to the R!!!  Bud doesn’t just sit there and take it; he starts to fight, but Mrs. Anderson catches him and makes him sleep in the shed.  Bud gets away.

Bud’s mother always looked at a flyer with Herman E. Calloway’s picture on it.  He thinks his mother was giving him a hint, that he was his father.  Will Bud find Herman E. Calloway?  Is Herman E. Calloway really his father?  Find out in Bud, Not Buddy.

I absolutely loved Bud, Not Buddy.  Right when you open the cover, it feels like you and Bud are friends.  You set out on a stunning, suspenseful, and fabulous read.  I give this book 5 out 5 stars because the author lets you feel what Bud feels, and what I really liked was the mystery about his father.  I was so sad when I was finished reading, and I hated to have to put the book down to go to school.  I think every kid, young adult, and adult would like this book.

Disclosure: I borrowed Bud, Not Buddy from my local library. My mom is an IndieBound affiliate and an Amazon associate.

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