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The Girl (age 10) spent nearly all of Saturday reading, taking advantage of a lazy weekend to finish a book she’s been dying to read, Big Nate Strikes Again.  She’s been a fan of the Big Nate series since she met the author, Lincoln Peirce, at Book Expo America 2010.  She received a copy of Big Nate:  In a Class by Himself that day, and she sat on the floor and read while we waited in line, never once complaining that we’d been waiting too long.

On Sunday, while I was taking my usual weekend nap, I was jolted awake when she tossed a notebook into my lap in which she’d jotted down her thoughts on the book before running back up to her room to start another book.  (Like mother, like daughter.)  This is what she wrote:

A review of Big Nate Strikes Again by Lincoln Peirce, by The Girl

The one person Nate hates is Gina. UGH! Another project that Mrs. Godfrey has assigned in Social Studies.  Mrs. Godfrey picks partners from a cookie jar, and Nate gets Gina as his partner.  Worst of all, he has to work with Gina in fleece ball, his favorite game.  Will Nate survive?

I really liked the humor and the jokes in Big Nate Strikes Again.  My favorite quote is, “It’s worse than I thought.  Worse than ANYBODY could have thought.  Gina just turned my fleece-ball team into a total joke.  Thanks to her, I’m now the captain of a bunch of Kuddle Kittens.”  (page 115)  I recommend this book to anyone who likes to laugh.

Bye, Penguin Peeps!

Penguin Peeps?!?  Not sure where she comes up with these things, but at least they’re amusing!  I haven’t read a Big Nate book yet, but I think they appeal to The Girl because they are very similar to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books by Jeff Kinney, with a diary-like narrative, comic-like drawings, and a protagonist very similar in age to herself.  She loves to read and doodle, so they’re a perfect fit for her.  And she’s learning to navigate the ups and downs of friends and school, so I’m sure she can relate to the characters.  Maybe I’ll read them, too, some day.

Disclosure: The Girl received Big Nate Strikes Again as a gift from me and my husband. I am an Amazon associate.

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