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Art & Max is a delightful picture book for young children about the creative process.  Art is a painter, and Max wants to learn to be an artist.  Art makes him promise not to get in the way, but when he can’t figure out what to paint and decides to paint Art (literally), chaos ensues.  When Art becomes a line drawing that unravels into a pile of spaghetti-like strands, Max must put his artistic ability to the test.

The Girl (age 10) was very excited when we unexpectedly received a copy of Art & Max.  While she’s older than the target audience, she loves art and was intrigued by the book when we saw its display at Book Expo America 2010.  We both enjoyed David Wiesner’s story about friendship and creativity and loved his vivid illustrations, with lizards in a variety of colors and the juxtaposition of full color illustrations and simple line drawings.

Children will be entertained by Max’s attempts to recreate Art and will want to paint or draw their own creations afterward.  Wiesner does a good job showing children that anyone can create a work of art, and painting doesn’t only mean a canvas and an easel.

Wiesner uses words sparingly in Art & Max, focusing more on the visual.  This is a book that children will want to hold themselves and just stare at the many illustrations that, in fact, do much of the storytelling.  Wiesner compels children to use their imaginations, to go out and create, which is an important message in an age when computers, video games, and television take up too much of our time.

Disclosure: We received a copy of Art & Max from Clarion Books for review purposes. I am an Amazon associate.

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